About NY River Voices

NY River Voices is a place-based project that combines Life Narrative and Geographic Information Systems (GIS – Storymap) to highlight people’s deep connections to rivers and river communities of New York, including the St. Lawrence, Hudson and Raquette Rivers. This website documents excerpted recorded life narratives of people who live full and part-time in these unique and special places, and serves as a means for visitors to the site to better understand people’s connections to these communities and to rivers. It also helps us recognize the potential these connected stories offer regarding Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK), contributions to river community heritage, and the potential they as ordinary voices hold in environmental and community decision-making.

Each river system in New York State, as is the case with most river systems, is unique in history, geography, geology, ecology and human interactions. Rivers play an incredibly important role in our natural environments, sustaining aquatic life, wildlife, and human life and livelihoods. Conserving river systems is paramount, and we can each play a role in shaping decisions to that end, by sharing our stories, our knowledge, and lending our voices.

Clayton, Massena, and Waddington – First Three Communities Documented 

For the purposes of launching this research project, three communities were selected along the St. Lawrence as the initial research scoping area. With the completion of that project due Summer 2018, we will be including participants from these and other communities along the St. Lawrence, as well the Raquette and Hudson Rivers (Coming soon!) beginning in late Fall 2018.

If you are interested in participating in the project, and live in communities along one of these three New York Rivers, please feel free to contact us for an appointment. We will record your life narrative (an estimated 1-2-hour session), and with permission, will excerpt part of your written or recorded life narrative for inclusion on this site.